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Stereoscopic 3D



PARIS, FRANCE, JUNE , 2010 – TAG Creative, the New York City-based creative firm, launched a precedent-setting 3D meeting opener for longtime client Maybelline NY for their worldwide DMI sales conference here last month. The 90-second video used new 3D technology to transport the media savvy audience of top-level international execs to a new dimension of fun and excitement, enhancing Maybelline’s as a truly innovative leader.

“Our objective was to create a truly stand-out piece of media that would exploit the novelty and fun aspects of 3D,” according to TAG Vice President and Creative Director Fawne Berkun. “We were already producing a great deal of media for the event — support slides, video speaker intro/stings, product launch and educational videos and a video of a successful new line shot in Germany. Of course, we had to deal with numerous challenges. First was budget, both in media production dollars and in staging, and also Maybelline’s lack of stereoscopic footage. We had to create 3D effects from 2D footage.”

Since TAG had never produced a 3d video, they turned for technical design and production support to a frequent production partner and technical powerhouse, Interaktika, which had already been experimenting with 3d production. Working with Interraktika, TAG created a hybrid process for developing assets. “We modeled a number of Maybelline products in 3d, animated them in 3d space,” explained Isabel Clavo, Interaktika president. “We created type animations and special effects, light moves, and particle systems in 3d, and finally we utilized some hi def 2d commercial footage which we layered into our dimensional comps. Using this technique of integrating and synthesizing hybrid sources, we were able to generate imagery that was both unexpected and cost effective and incredibly powerful. The last step was to build a full stereo mix soundtrack that enveloped the audience and really brought the visual effects home.”

A key factor in the project’s success was Interaktika’s approach to exploring and perfecting the ultimate technique, and their ability to adapt to client demands. “Their modeling, animation, and special effects experience really made the entire process viable,” Berkun remarked. “During production, we were able to view progress on a 3d laptop so when we finally made it to show day there were no surprises.”

What made this more than just another successful production story was the audience’s response on show day. At 2 pm when the show began, the audience had already sat through another company’s presentation, but the buzz was spreading that Maybelline was doing 3d, so that by showtime the house was full, standing room only, with executives sitting on the floor in the aisles giggling and holding their 3d glasses. “It was truly a sight for jaded eyes. I have worked in this industry for over 20 years and created every imaginable media and special effect, but this was truly an exception,” said Berkun.

For 90 seconds the audience sat, stood and squealed totally enthralled. When the first mascara pushed from the screen halfway into the audience every hand in the audience reached for it, and all cheered as 20-foot-high eye shadow quads hurtled towards them exploding in color. And what drove the audience to their feet afterwards? Was it the thrill of the new or incredible visual impact of our graphics? Somehow the 3d transcended the self-serving aspect of the meeting and made the event truly fun, a wonderful joyous something new.

Ms. Berkun wraps it up: “It was just plain fun to put on silly glasses and raise your arms in the air and hoot with delight. To me, it seemed like Maybelline saying thanks to its audience, a crazy visual give-back. It worked, and in return, the audience was energized, excited and ready to sit through hours’ more show with heightened expectations (and the hope the video would run again at meetings end). The 3d experience may not be the technology of the future, but it has incredible impact as the technology for today!”


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